Let's see, so I'm in the military and needed a release of lien to ship my vehicle from Texas to Hawaii. It wasn't leaving the United States, it was just leaving the continental US.

I called security service, they said all I had to do was send an email summing up what I needed done to an email address they provided and I'd be good to go, and should receive the letter within 3-5 business days. I did as they said and waited. I called on the 6th business day asking what the heck. After almost an hour on hold, I talked to some lady who said that they would not give me the letter because I owed $990 in charged off overdraft fees.

I asked when did these fees occur because I had been paying my car on time, and been making double payments, for the last 2 years, and this is the first I hear of it. She says that the overdrafts were from a checking account I had 2 years prior, and she's not sure why they didn't show up before, and that I needed to pay the $990 before they would let me ship my car. Mind you, the loan I have on my car is current and has NOTHING to do with the $990. I'm now 3 business days away from flying out and I have to pull $990 out of thin air to do this.

I ask for a payment plan, a deferement, something to help me. They pretty much said too bad, so sad. I had to take out a personal loan through another bank to get this paid off in order to ship my car. I had no issue paying the overdraft fees.

I did have an issue getting hit 3-4 times with overdraft fees for the SAME transaction. Either way, they should have said something alot sooner, like before the overdrafts were about to get charged off considering I still had an active account I was paying on, not 72 hours before I hop on a plane across the ocean. The worst part was that they were totally unwilling to work with me in any way. It was their way or the highway.


Next issue: Called on a Monday to get a wire transfer done, after 20 minutes on hold and being transferred to 2 people in the call center, I was finally transferred to the wire department. I was on hold another 20 minutes, so I called from my wife's phone and after 10 minutes on hold, talked to someone else in the call center who transferred me to yet another person in the call center. She informed me that the wire transfer department went home early today because it was New Years Eve, and they wouldn't be back till Wednesday, and theyre open from 8-5 central time. So the previous person had transferred me to a closed department.

Outstanding (sarcasm). Called back Wednesday, approximately 2pm central time. Again, the half an hour wait, the transferring between call center people, and then was told that again, the wire transfer department had gone home early, so call back tomorrow. I asked for the direct number to the wire department to call them the next day, and they provide me with a 1-866 number, or that's what they tell me the number is to.

I called at 8:05am, and the number they gave me was disconnected. I called the call center and spoke with a woman who was transferring me to the wire department, was on hold for 5 minutes, not sure how considering they had JUST opened. But, yet another call center person picked up, and she transferred me to the wire department, and I dealt with a lady who sounded like she had just woken up and hated her job. I'm so glad I'm leaving this institution.

I traded in my car and got a new auto loan with a new bank just to get away from these people.Their customer service is the worst I've ever experienced in my entire LIFE. These are only 2 examples. I could write an entire book on all my other experiences.

If you're military, avoid this bank at all costs and go with USAA!!! And if you're not military, go with ANYONE else but this institution.

Monetary Loss: $990.

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